Part Sixteen

December 10, 2017

In the final episode, Pete discusses his favorite moments, seasons, and characters from Friday Night Lights, and tries to figure out why he still cares about high school football all these years later.


Part Fifteen

December 3, 2017

Pete closes up shop on Season Five, discussing the positives and the negatives of the Friday Night Lights finale.


Part Fourteen

November 27, 2017

Pete wallows in personal football misery and gets one step closer to wrapping up Season Five.


Part Thirteen

November 20, 2017

Pete recaps the first four episodes of the final season after discussing the emotional rollercoaster that was the UVA/Miami game.


Part Twelve

November 12, 2017

Pete recaps all of the drama surrounding the Taylors, Vince, and Riggins at the end of Season Four.


Part Eleven

November 6, 2017

Pete recaps an unbelievable football weekend and the middle of Season Four.


Part Ten

October 29, 2017

Pete is joined by a special guest, hilarious comedian and Friday Night Lights superfan Mike Cannon.  They discuss all things Seasons 1-4, their own personal sports experiences, and what the show means to them.  Check out Mike's album, "I Think It Just Kicked In", available on iTunes and Spotify now.


Part Nine

October 23, 2017

Pete discusses all the drama at the end of Season Three, except for Landry and Tyra.  Nobody cares about Landry and Tyra.


Part Eight

October 15, 2017

Pete recaps Episodes 5-8 of Season Three, discussing Joe McCoy (the Lavar Ball of Friday Night Lights), Saracen getting benched, and all the pep talks he needed to hear in high school


Part Seven

October 10, 2017

Pete talks about his action packed escape from wine country before diving into Season Three, the shady McCoys, and more.